Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solar Roadways!

You must click this link right now to go to Indiegogo and help these folks create a whole new pavement. The Solar Roadways people say their new paving system can melt snow, light up, treat stormwater runoff, AND create energy.

Imagine the possibilities if this became a widespread technology? All the dead pavement lying inert throughout the world could be converted to an energy-producing network. I do wonder though, about the efficacy of a pavement that is shaded by cars all day long, such as in a parking lot, or even an urban commuter street.

Still, that doesn't mean it isn't worth pursuing this big dream. I've made a personal donation to this campaign and I hope other folks will, too. It could be a world-changer, and you can't often say that about new inventions.

Good luck, folks!

1 comment:

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